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Sales Concepts, Inc. | Westlake, OH

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Frank Sidari


“It’s great stuff.”

Once you learn this process it’s natural. It’s something you use every day. And it’s not just selling, it’s psychological. It helps you think things through. It’s problem solving and deductive reasoning. It’s great stuff. For Sandridge, the top bene t of working with Sales Concepts is, of course, improved profitability and expanding our market. But we’ve also built stronger relationships with our customers from the top down. We provide better solutions. And we’re better at addressing our customers’ pain. For me personally, working with Sales Concepts has improved my closing ratios and helped me to organize an effective selling process. Since I’m the only primary hunter in our company, that’s important. I’m also better at identifying potential customers without wasting company time. That’s why I’ve been a Sales Concepts client for since 1993.