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Sales Concepts, Inc. | Westlake, OH

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Cyndie Morgan


“They’ve helped me realize the value of the work I do.”

Before, my sales philosophy was ‘be nice, make a lot of presentations, and try to feel good about landing one or two.’ I’d put in a lot of work and get little in return. But now, after four years of Sales Concepts training and coaching, I don’t have to work nearly as hard to sell as much as I did before—and if I work just a little harder, I can sell a lot more. They helped me realize the value the of work I do. Once, after working hard to understand the needs of a prospective client, I made my presentation. I went through the proposal, and followed all the right steps, but at the end they wouldn’t make the decision to buy. So, I gathered up my materials and took every piece back with me—I wouldn’t let them keep anything. They were shocked. Before, I would have left everything without ever knowing how it might be used or whose hands it would end up in. But this time, even though I was nervous, I took everything with me. I ended up closing that deal. They were impressed. Now they’re a great client and they still remind me about that day—the day I took everything and left them with nothing. The Sales Concepts approach is not just a step-by-step system or effective techniques, it’s really a new mindset, a 10,000 foot view of the entire sales process. Sales Concepts has really changed the way I think.