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Sales Concepts, Inc. | Westlake, OH

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Dana Allender


“ People don’t really care about what I do. They care about whether or not I understand what it is they do and what they need.”

Before training with Sales Concepts, I would rush in and talk about all the great things I could do, and about all the things my company offered. Then the prospect would ask for contact information and the phone would go silent. Now I spend a lot more time learning what prospects want to accomplish. I have more control of the sales process and control over the flow of information. The process is more professional, much more strategic. The first time I put my training into practice was on a call with a new prospect — an important, globally known apparel company. In the past I would have talked about myself and my company, but after going through The Right Track course, I decided to do things differently. I decided to see how long I could go without answering a single question about my company. We were 47 minutes into an hour-long call before I really spoke about myself and they were already gushing about how helpful the call had been. Perhaps the most important thing I learned is this: people don’t care about what it is I do, they only care about whether or not I understand what it is they do and what they need.