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Mike Montague interviews Keith Kong on How to Succeed at Doing the Impossible. More than a mentalist, Keith’s extraordinary expertise in Psychology and Criminal Profiling has amazed audiences the world over. Celebrities, universities, and corporations all call upon him to entertain them while probing the vastness of the human psyche. Find Keith at  https://www.kongmentalist.com/  In this episode:

  • Best attitude, behavior, and technique for how to succeed at doing the impossible
  • It starts with believing anything is possible
  • Find someone who has done it and talk with them
  • Laser focus on ONE thing a month
  • It’s easier to do the impossible with a team
  • Spend more time where you excel and outsource your weaknesses
  • Let each person on your team use their expertise
  • Create a very specific road map and write it down
  • Use the A.C.E. formula

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